Sri Lanka Bee Honey with Organic Ginger

  • Aids the functions of the gastrointestinal tract
  • A wonderful immunity booster
  • Known to lower the growth of cancer cells
  • Believed to help fight phlegm, provide instant relief from cough, cold and sore throat
  • Enhances blood circulation and aids to flush toxins out from your body
  • Pure Sri Lankan Bee Honey combined with organic Ginger powder – A timeless Ayurvedic remedy –  The above clains are as per Ayurvedic Practioners. 
  • A smooth and delicious blend that can be taken by spoon (two teaspoons recommended per day), mixed into a drink or used in cooking
  • An excellent alternative to sugar (bee honey is a low GI product)
  • Contains pure, filtered, untreated and non pasteurised bee honey sourced from a network of Sri Lankan bee keepers
  • Goodfolks supports this bee-keeping network by opening up new markets, sharing expert knowledge with them and working to upgrade their products to meet international standards

Bee Honey and Ginger form a potent blend with multiple health benefits, encompassing Ayurvedic healing and an instant energy boost. This combination serves as an ideal immunity enhancer, particularly fitting for the present circumstances.

Derived from Regenerative Agriculture practices, Goodfolks 100% Pure Bee’s Honey originates from a cooperative of Sri Lankan farmers. With a notable pollen content and complete transparency, this honey holds a low Glycemic Index, aiding those mindful of blood sugar levels. Its tendency to crystallize in colder temperatures signifies its genuine purity.

Goodfolks' bee honey remains entirely raw and filtered, excluding minute impurities such as pollen, beeswax, and bee parts. This unprocessed honey maintains its nutrients, absent of added sugars often found in mass-market alternatives. Its slightly cloudy appearance, characteristic of raw honey, results from the absence of refining processes that would otherwise strip away its nourishing qualities.

Sri Lanka's bee honey stands out due to its diverse pollen sources extracted from various trees and plants. Unlike honeys from single or limited sources found elsewhere, the significant biodiversity and medicinal value of Sri Lanka's flora lead to a rich assortment of pollen.

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