Why Sri Lankan Ceramic & Porcelain?

Why sri lankan ceramic and porcelain products

With the country’s rich artistic and cultural heritage, Sri Lankan ceramic industry dates back to the pre-Christian era. The distinctive designs and exquisite elegance of the ceramic products manufactured by the Sri Lankan ceramic industry today vividly illustrate the influence of this rich heritage.

The Island is endowed with raw materials used in the ceramic industry such as kaolin, ball clay, feldspar, silica quartz and dolomite. The excellent quality and purity of these materials which is available in abundance contribute to the high standards of the products.

This industry has some significant operational strength, including a highly skilled workforce, competitive labor costs, excellent management at factory levels, state-of-the-art technology, research and development facilities, high ethical standards and confidentiality of design integrity, in contrast to Asian competitors. Availability of gifted designers, chemists, technologists and engineers contribute to the high standards and internationally recognized products.

Ceramic & Porcelain Products