Floriculture Products


Sri Lanka is endowed with different climatic conditions caused by terrain, enabling her to develop floricultural products ranging from tropical to temperate. Today Sri Lanka is recognized as one of the best quality floriculture production centres in the world.

A nation recognised for fertile land and a rich variation of flora and fauna, Sri Lanka is hailed as one of the best quality floriculture production centres in the world with floricultural products ranging from tropical to temperate flora. This is due to the island's mix of lowland tropical climate and cool hill country temperatures being optimum conditions for successful propagation of different varieties of stunning flowering plant species. The natural substrate (coco-peat) is also freely available as a growing medium.

In 2014, Sri Lanka was able to earn US$ 14.9 mn worth of foreign exchange by exporting floriculture products indicating an average growth of 5% over the year 2013.Increasing trend in exports indicate the rising demand for Sri Lankan products in many markets around the world. The sector generates high net foreign exchange earnings to the country while contributing to employment generation in the rural and sub urban areas.

Availability of natural substrate (coco-peat) as a growing media, climate suitable for cultivation of tropical & temperate products, skilled & knowledgeable workforce are the strengths of the industry.

Sri Lanka's Floriculture Products are grown with advanced cultivation technology. Supported by the country's diverse climatic regions these products are cultivated under optimum micro-climatic conditions in controlled poly or shade houses.

In order to facilitate safe transportation of plants and related products, the Department of Agriculture has organised a well-equipped Plant Quarantine Service whereby Officials make regular visits to floriculture nurseries, taking on supervisory and advisory roles in the fields of integrated pest management practices and disease control mechanisms. The `Green Channel' at Sri Lanka's major international airport also provides a facilitated passage for exporting floriculture.

Europe is the main market for floriculture products; 60% of Sri Lankan exports are destined to the Western continent, while Japan, Middle East, the USA and Korea make up the other key markets.

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