Why Sri Lankan Floriculture Products

Why sri lankan floriculture products

Sri Lanka’s export-oriented Floriculture Industry was established during 1980/81 and has emerged as a reliable supplier of a wide-range of quality floriculture products across the world. The country is renowned to be one of the world’s best quality production centres with floriculture products ranging from tropical to temperate and therefore, geared to meet export orders throughout the year.

The products are grown providing optimum micro climatic conditions under poly or shade houses. The natural substrate coco peat, a bi-product of the coconut fibre industry is also freely available as a growing medium for floriculture and advanced irrigation techniques such as drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation are applied.

In order to facilitate safe movement of plants and plant products a well-equipped plant quarantine facility is available and quarantine officials make regular visits to the floriculture nurseries and closely supervise and advise on integrated pest management and disease control.

Export companies have obtained environmental and quality certifications such as GLOBALGAP, MPS and FAIR TRADE label to comply with requirements of the international market with a consistent guarantee in product delivery.

Sri Lankan Floriculture Products