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Light Engineering Products

Light engineering

The engineering products sector in Sri Lanka consists of over 1000 manufacturing units and 11 steel plants which include small and medium-sized manufacturing units and export-oriented ventures located both within and outside the country's free trade zones.

India, Germany, Maldives, Singapore and United States are major export markets for Sri Lankan Light Engineering Products.

With a history of engineering p rowess dating back for centuries, Sri Lankan expertise in electronics and mechanical engineering are proved beyond doub. Recognised Sri Lankan exports such as industrial and domestic fans, room air conditioners, refrigerators, agricultural processing machinery, small engines and metal furniture are already manufactured to global standards. Ample opportunities exist within Sri Lanka's Light Engineering Sector for prospective investors.


There are several investment opportunities in the manufacture of products such as fans, room air conditioners, refrigerators, small engines and metal furniture.

Why Sri Lankan Light Engineering Products?