Akbar Brothers Limited was incorporated in 1972. Significantly, in the same year, the father of these founders retired from the Chairmanship of Hebtulabhoys & Co. and joined his sons, making available his 40 years experience in the highest echelons of tea industry. Moreover, the flourish thus set, kept up its' momentum for the company to become the largest tea exporter. For 14 consecutive years since 1992, Akbar Brothers Limited has been acknowledged as the biggest Sri Lanka tea exporter. Further, "Akbar" became the flagship brand of finest Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

Products / Services Range

Akbar Brand is our flagship brand which is marketed worldwide. In the last five years alone sales of Akbar Brand have grown at a staggering rate of over 30 percent per annum. Under the umbrella of Akbar Brand, we offer a comprehensive range of tea products such as black and green tea in loose packs, tea bags, flavoured teas and teas packed in an assortment of tins and bottles. These products are constantly updated and new innovative packs are regularly developed to keep ahead of global trends. The Akbar product range is positioned to always offer the best value to the consumer by ensuring then highest quality standards at a competitive price.