Aklo Information Technologies(Pvt)LtdAklo Information Technologies(Pvt)Ltd

AKLO is the brainchild of a team of highly skilled professionals from the industry who saw the need for an independent specialized software house dedicated towards achieving technological excellence. We are willing to serve our customers across the globe from Sri Lanka, through our partner chain in US, UK, UAE, Malaysia and Singapore. We are mainly focused on the education sector with the VIDLO University Management Solution (www.vidloums.com). Our core values are our business knowledge, technological drive and research, which comes together and helps businesses to cope with the ever changing world of technology. This capability is the backbone of our organization and forms the basis of our intentions, people and solutions.

Products / Services Range

VIDLO university management, VIDLO College Management, VIDLO Sky 12 schools Management & V-Learning. Outsourcing- NET based development and embedded programming.


Tushara Feldano (Head of Business Development)