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We are passionate about creating innovative and high quality Paint Brushes & Decorating Tools to improve the lives of our painters. We manufacture a range of High Quality Paint Brushes made using finest quality Filaments for both Oil Based and Water Base Painting. Our Decorating Tools range consists of all the necessary Tools every painter needs. Our rollers are made with the same care and devotion to quality as our brushes, delivering the highest coverage on the market and thermo-bonded for the strongest adhesion of fabric. We manufacture all our products to the highest standard of quality and all our products are customizable from colour, brand name print, packing, handle shape according to customer's needs. While we are manufacturing High Quality Paint Brushes to countries around the world we are also there to help the Paint Brush manufacturer in providing them the same high quality Raw Materiel’s we use on our products. As we are the manufacturer of our raw materiel’s we are able to customize the sizes, design, colour, shapes of any of our raw materiel’s to suit Paint Brush manufacturers around the world. We use cutting edge technology machines to produce all our raw materiel’s that gives us the capacity and assurance of highest quality.

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