Ceylon Golden CinnamonCeylon Golden Cinnamon

  • Ceylon Golden Cinnamon
  • Ceylon Golden Cinnamon
  • Ceylon Golden Cinnamon

We are one of the leading experts and exporters for Pure Ceylon Cinnamon and other ceylon spices in the world’s wholesale and retail market. Under our expert’s observation, high-quality pure Ceylon cinnamon and other Ceylon spice are gathered by small rural groups of farmers in Sri Lanka. All the spice plants are grown and harvested under standard farming conditions and we strongly comply with international safety standards.

Products / Services Range

We are exporting Ceylon cinnamon sticks, cinnamon powder, Leaf/Bark oil, and all the Ceylon spices for the retail and wholesale market. We give a facility to shop our ceylon spices for overseas retail customers(for selected countries)



Mr. Gayan Jayasooriya (Managing Director)