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Gems, Diamonds, Jewellery

Diamonds, Gems, Jewellery

Gem and Jewellery

Gems, Jewellery

Precious & Semi Precious Gemstones

Gems Diamonds and Jewellery, Gems, SME

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Natural Gemstones: We sell only 100% Natural Gemstones that are free from unlawful treatment, modification and production with test certificates by reputed independent gem testing labs as per the needs of our respected customers. These gems are bought in rough and faceted form from mines and market; rough gems are cut while faceted ones are recut to meet customer needs to reveal the real beauty and lustre of nature's magic in natural gemstones with cut stones size ranging from 0.5 mm to 50.0 mm and above. We also specialise in Rare Gemstones such as Taaffeite, Jeremejevite, Musgravite, Serendibite, Grandidierite, Red Spinel, Red Beryl, Alexandrite, etc.

Jewellery: We manufacture finest quality hallmarked jewellery to meet the highest international standards to cater varying demands of customers around the globe to meet their specifications and budget. Our wide range of precious metal for jewellery include White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold in 14kt to 22kt purity, Titanium, Platinum and 925 Silver. These jewellery are either made as plain designer jewellery or stone mounted depends on the different market demands. Our stone mounted jewellery usually come in three different arrangements such as Natural Colour Stones with Natural Diamonds or full diamonds or full colour stones. While our high end jewellery come in Titanium, Platinum or Gold setting with precious stones, the low end or fashion jewellery is usually mounted with either semi-precious or cabochon stones in 925 Silver settings.

Gem Crafts: We manufacture finest quality handicraft products such as Art (Scenary, Photo, etc), Ornaments, Gift items, Luxury Gift Boxes and Creative products that are made of Gemstones and / or Minerals.

Gems Diamonds and Jewellery, Diamonds, Gems, Jewellery

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder, Quillings, Chips, and Powder. Other spices include black pepper, clove (stems). Tropical fruits include cassava (manioc), jackfruit, etc. Tea varieties include black, green and white. Other products: ale vera, gem, etc.

Bristle Fiber, Coco Peat & Fiber Pith, Coconut Husk Chips, Activated Carbon, Coconut Ekels, Bananas, Chilies, Manioc, Pineapples, Other Fruits nes, Crepe Rubber, Latex Rubber, Sheet Rubber, Cardamoms, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg & Mace, Green Tea, Other Tea nes, Areca Nuts, Betel Leaves, Essential Oils, Diamonds, Gems