Investment Support Services Exporters in Sri Lanka.


Products / Services Range


Software development, outsourcing, training & consultancy company.

Software Development, Business Solutions and MIS, Client-Server Architecture, e-Business Development, ERP Software, IoT, Remote IT Technical Support, Call Center Services, Data Managment, E-Publication, Investment Support Services, Market Research, Card/Call center service, ICT, BPM

Computer Services

Software Development, Legal Services, Finance & Accounting, Investment Support Services, Taxation, ICT, BPM

Providing Channel Management Services for online, over the phone and retail customers, especially in the Airline and Hospitality industries.Offer a unique one-stop-shop Online Channel Management; digital marketing, web and mobile app development and management and fulfillment.

Software Development, Multimedia, Networking, Real-Time System, Data Managment, E-Publication, Finance & Accounting, Investment Support Services, Big data Solutions, ICT, BPM