Data Mining & Processing M1056 LPGSERVICES(PRIVATE)LIMITED Corporate Vision High Grade Data’s corporate vision is to provides the services of create and manage content more efficiently and economically. Company will help clients meet their content creation and publishing challenges with greater quality. Company Profile We are a reputed Business Process solutions company with over 70 employees servicing to make good turnover. We help clients realize significant cost savings and productivity gains from their operations, to help them achieve better outcomes and compete more effectively in demanding global markets — at any level of need, within any set of constraints, and involving any combination of technology, process and skilled talent. We at High Grade Data offer cost effective, quality and timely deliver of data processing services such as data conversion, data entry, data capturing, etc We are specializes in XML Conversion. Using XML as a document representation format is of great benefit, and applies across industries. Irrespective of the current data format we offer XML conversion with best value proposition. We ensure 99.995% accuracy for your outsourced data entry and data conversion services Some of these services are: ? Text to XML. ? HTML to XML. ? PDF to XML. ? Word to XML. Business Environment We have the expertise and capacity to handle your most complexes, time-critical and cost-sensitive Data Entry and Data Conversion projects. We have the resources, technology, infrastructure and experience in digital data conversion of large volumes of content: Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals and a Variety of forms. Our production centers have more than 25 operators that can all be arranged to work 24-hour, 7-day a week to efficiently process data for our customers from any time zone. The operators are trained to handle printed matter or handwriting jobs, tagging or formatting jobs as well as OCR clean-up jobs depending on their interests or capabilities. The company is best known for the accuracy, breadth and convenience of its data, addressing all types of information needs. Our stringent commitment to international standards of quality has been the reason behind our spectacular growth. We are firm believers in investing in the latest technology to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Infrastructure Man Power » Over 25+ Work Stations at present with a capacity to increase up to 45. » Highly skilled & experienced personnel » Round the clock work in 3 shifts on 24/7 basis » In-house technical support Internet connectivity is facilitated with 2Mbps ADSL link. Server OS is Windows 2000 and Client OS is Windows XP. Organization Chart Employee Skill set Our biggest asset is our Production Team and Technical Team. Production Team Our professionals’ team of seventy one draws our expertise knowledge and understanding of the industry principles and procedure in order to clearly define our goals and objective. Each one of them having expertise to leading business in the IT at various levels Languages HTML, XML, MathML & any client specified coding language Tools/software Altova XMLSpy, Oxygen XML Editor, Ultra Edit, Fine Reader, Type Reader, Epic Editor, Amaya, Photoshop & all Graphic designing software, F-Tagger and project specific validation tools. Technical Team The technical team at High Grade Data has provided services to internal and external clients across different varies industry segments. They are strong in providing IT services, application development, web development and resourcing. High-Grade Data’s technical team has the best talent in the industry. Our team members are highly educated and experienced, with good interpersonal skills and a positive attitude; we take pride in their professionalism. Quality Consciousness \\\"Commitment to Quality\\\" is fundamental to our business. Our quality policy is based on three main objectives. • Maximize Customer Satisfaction • Continuous Improvement of Processes & Methodologies • Build Quality as an Integral Process Ingredient Our Services High-Grade Data offers its Data processing/conversion solutions in the following areas: ? Data Conversion services We undertake document conversion processes of different kind, and also convert PDFs, word processors, along with conversion of document and paper formats into XML, HTML-SGML and other structured format. ? OCR/Scanning We convert your hard-copy/images documents into digital, editable text using rapid and accurate OCR technology, and your hard-copy documents are turned into your required format. ? Data Entry and Processing ? Image Processing Current Projects ? PDF to XML Project (Required Accuracy:99.95/ TAT :8 hours) ? PDF to XML Project (Required Accuracy:99.995 / TAT: 7 days ) ? OCR Project (Required Accuracy:99.995 / TAT: 14 days) ? Equation Conversion Project (Required Accuracy:99.995 / TAT: 14 days) ? Image blanklogo.jpg

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