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Consultancy, Data Managment, Finance & Accounting, Market Research, BPM

Services that we cater: Web Design, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management, Mobile Apps, TV Advertising, Media Management, Media Buying and other digital marketing solutions. Our clients/brands: SDB bank, Arpico Super Center, Arpico Furniture, BMS, DynEd by Headway LS, RIU, S.A. Talke, JLanka Technologies, Cinec Campus, Prudential Shipping Line, The Kingsbury, Hayleys, Omentra, Capital Trust Securities, Capital Trust Properties, First Capital, Laugfs Holdings, Union Apperal, Dilly & Carlo, Lamudi, Kelly Felder, DFCC Bank, Seylan Bank, Sampath Bank, Siyapath Finance, Baurs, Arganmidas, NCASL, Ministry of Education, Meth Travels, Silk Route, Burj Khalifa, Forbes Singapore, MIT Cargo, Helanka Vacation, MAS Holdings, and other reputed blue-chip companies.

Software Development, Business Solutions and MIS, Cloud Services, ERP Software, Mobile Application Development, Web Development and Marketing, Data Managment, E-Publication, Finance & Accounting, Market Research, Big data Solutions, Card/Call center service, ICT, BPM

Budget Planning and Construction Management (Project Management) Application / Construction Management System Budget planning was built specifically for the complex budgeting, forecasting and analysis reporting tasks. With extensive business intelligence and accounting logic built into the software solution, it completely transforms process of budgeting, forecasting, Project Management, reporting and business performance analysis with standards of NS3420 Standards (Norwegian Standard for Building Construction) Wildlife Management System. Wildlife Management software is a Web based solution for processing and managing data from radio telemetry studies of animal behavior, Animal Population Monitoring, Budgeting food (grass and water) for during the winter season, Animal Hunting, Government Taxes and ecology. Loyalty Management System – Loyalty plus system is a loyalty program where it can be maintained in cardless environment with a web based and mobile base application. Web based ERP system – ERP Total software covers all inventory, Point of Sales, accounting and payroll system with an additional feature of Sales and distribution mobile application. Survey Mobile App. – Can be covered online survey using mobile phones with facility to collect GPS location the survey carried out and able to capture 12 imagers for a questionnaire. Harbor Management System (web based). Harbor and Marina Management is a complete software solution for harbor and marina management. It offers a simple and complete service for work at the reception and cash desk, in exchange office, for guests’ registry, Member management, Plass (parking slot) allocation for winter and summer seasons, for the yachts' movement control, booking Crane services for boat lifting, in service department, in commercial department, accountancy management and electricity and other service management provided to boats.

Consultancy, Banking and Insurance, Business Solutions and MIS, Client-Server Architecture, Cloud Services, e-Business Development, ERP Software, ICT Infrastructure & Services, IoT, Mobile Application Development, Real-Time System, Software Development, Systems Integration, Web Development and Marketing, Data Managment, E-Publication, Finance & Accounting, Market Research, Big data Solutions, Context convergent, ICT, BPM


Consultancy, Data Managment, Market Research, Entrepot Trade, BPM, Entrepot Trade Services