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Bitumix (Private) Limited is the focal point in the manufacture and supply of bitumen based products and the uncontested voice of the Sri Lankan bitumen industry; promoting the efficient, effective and safe use of processed bitumen in road, industrial and building applications. Company is paying ample attention to shape the future of the industry through the adaptation of comprehensive international product standards while introducing new technology. Bitumix has grown exponentially over the years to hold forte as the lead player in the bitumen manufacturing and supply industry with two fully-fledged state of the art and futuristic manufacturing plants with an island wide delivery network. We are an ISO 9001 system certified company holding in the highest esteem in the local market for consistently exceeding customer expectations by supplying premium quality bitumen products supported by an unparalleled customer service. Bitumix (Private) Limited pride itself as being the principal supplier for leading state and private sector clientele through recognition as the trusted supplier for local and global civil engineering firms. From pioneering the export of processed bitumen products to introducing polymer modified bitumen, colored bitumen, nano-tech bitumen binders and a host of other export products/import substitution products. Bitumix has sealed its position as the industry leader. With a clear vision for the future, nourished by a visionary leadership and endless innovative efforts, the company aims to retain its position as the flagship manufacturer and supplier of processed bitumen products for the local and international markets.

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