Sanje Private Ltd.Sanje Private Ltd.

Sanje Private Limited is one of the leading document management solutions and service providers in Sri Lanka. We provide services to customers in various countries covering almost all the market sectors, government and non-government.

Products Range

Sanje Document Management Services

As a complete and leading document imaging systems provider, we take care of the whole process of turning your physical documents into data through our Sanje Document Management Services. We provide the following services:

  •     Forms Processing Services
  •     Remote Data Entry Services
  •     ePub Content Coversion Services
  •     Archive and Backlog Document Capture Services
  •     Live Document Capture Services
  •     Books and Large Format Document Capture
  •     Data Collection and Presentation
  •     Consultancy and Training
  •     BPO
  •     Data Entry
  •     OCR Data extraction



Mr. V K A I Sampath (General Manager)