Worked Monumental Stones Exporters in Sri Lanka.


Products / Services Range


Marbles processing

Minerals, Worked Monumental Stones


Minerals, Worked Monumental Stones

Natural Stones (Granite)

Minerals, Worked Monumental Stones

Marbles, Granites 1.Import rough marble and granite blocks 2.Process 3.Export polished marble and granite slabs

Minerals, Worked Monumental Stones

Airfreight, Sea Freight, Customs Brokerage & Project Cargo

Metal Furniture & Seats, Nails, Screws, Bolts & Nuts of Metal, Refined Copper & Lead Alloys, Scrap of Ferrous, Aluminum, Copper & Other Metals, Standard Wire of Aluminum, Copper & Iron, Structures of Iron & Aluminum, Other Base Metal Products nes, Printed Circuits, Glass & Glassware, Graphite, Mica & Mica Waste, Mineral Sands, Natural Salt, Silica & Quarts, Worked Monumental Stones, Other Mineral & Mineral based Products nes, Aircrafts & Parts, Petroleum Products, Ship Boat Repairing & Services, Entrepot Trade