Coco Peat based Growing Media from Sri Lanka for Greenhouse Cultivation


Coco Peat based Growing Media from Sri Lanka for Greenhouse Cultivation

It’s no secret that Sri Lanka’s abundance of Coconut plantations is a significant source of export earnings and employment generation in that it gives rise to a number of industries from Coconut flour to desiccate to activated carbon to coir grow bags and everything in between. While it’s not as common as Coconut oil, desiccate & activated carbon exports, Coconut substrate based growing media are a lucrative exports industry. The industry has created an economic value for Coco peat, a byproduct of coir manufacturing industry, which had long been held as deleterious in terms of the fertility of land.

Foremost among these growing media are coir grow bags, a product extensively used in greenhouses all over the world. Manufactured with the compressed coco peat free of harmful micro-organisms, coir grow bags make an excellent growing platform for a range of plants. With the right water and nutrients absorption capacity, it’s effectively composed to induce rooting and sustain the plant life. Because it’s all made up of renewable organic materials sourced locally, coco peat based growing media can safely claim the ‘eco-friendly’ label. Coir grow bags are mainly used for planting tomato, strawberry, cucumber and cut flowers

Other than grow bags, there’s an array of innovations in the Coco peat based or Coconut substrate based growing media used in Greenhouse cultivations. They include coir briquettes, coir blocks, coir disks, Coconut husk chips bags and so on and so forth. The growing popularity of coconut substrate based growing products among the growers stems from a host of important factors such as:

  • High water retention
  • Faster growth
  • Deterrence of fungus gnats and certain diseases
  • Root-supporting structure
  • Recyclable for being used in the outside 
  • High air porosity
  • Coir pH value is 6 – 6.7 (close to neutral)

Besides these well-known benefits, Coir grow bags come wrapped in UV protected packaging which supports their durability while being used in the greenhouses. Buyers can decide on how long they want a UV protected bag to last and coir grow bag suppliers will provide it accordingly.

As emphasized earlier, thanks to Sri Lanka’s massive Coconut crop, there’s an abundance of Coconut husks which keeps feeding the industry. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly growing solution. With more and more innovations being developed and the global demand for agricultural produce growing steadily, Coconut substrate based growing product exports from Sri Lanka has a most promising market. Most importantly, for potential buyers who’re exacting nothing but the highest quality in every aspect, Sri Lankan coir growbag suppliers are strongly positioned to meet their demand well.