EDB to develop medical, health tourism

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EDB to develop medical, health tourism

The Export Development Board (EDB)  has identified the potential growth of global Medical Tourism sector and capability of Sri Lankan medical and health tourism providers. EDB has requested assistance of International Trade Center (ITC) to develop this sector.

Accordingly ITC decided to have a case study in Sri Lanka health /medical tourism sector to access the capabilities of Sri Lanka in this sector and to benchmark Sri Lankan capabilities compared to the global Medical Tourism Industry.

An ITC delegation comprising an ITC official and an ITC consultant on Medical Tourism sector visited Sri Lanka

During the visit, they met top level representatives from hospitals practicing western medicine along with the officials from the Ministry of Health and other western medicine sector stakeholders.

Also they met the representatives of Ministry of Indigenous Medicine along with top level representatives from Ayurveda health resorts.

They also visited a cross section of the private hospitals and Ayurveda resorts to get a firsthand experience.