Losing body weight with a cup of of Ceylon green tea


Losing body weight with a cup of of Ceylon green tea

Although numerous health benefits of green tea has been a well-known secret among global tea enthusiasts, green tea's ability to burn the fat cells in the body has come to be established through scientific research only recently.

While studies are yet to establish the exact daily requirement of green tea needed to reduce weight at the most efficient level, weight watchers across the globe can rejoice with the knowledge that green tea aids weight loss efforts by reducing appetite and increasing metabolism.

Caffeine, one of the main ingredients in green tea, also is a fat reducing element found in many varieties of tea and coffee.

With 25 mg of caffeine found in 227 g of green tea, stimulation of fat burning can be induced by drinking 2-3 cups of green tea per day while keeping in within the safe levels of caffeine.

However, the strongest weight reducing performers in green tea are the polyphenols and anti-oxidants. With the larger percentage of anti-oxidative catechins known as EGCG in green tea, the speed at which the fat cells are broken and absorbed into the blood stream increased by almost 17% in a test group of males, who were under the same level of exercise and food practices.

The best part of green tea's role in fat reduction is its ability to reduce harmful abdominal fat or belly fat, which builds around organs. Green tea's fat reducing qualities are most effective on abdominal fats, which are the main cause of inflammation and insulin resistance.

According to research findings, consumption of green tea not only helps reduce the amount of fat cells in the body, but improves their immediate absorption into the blood stream and also triggers a sudden increase in energy.

However, calorie burning can also happen as we rest. Wouldn't it be helpful if we can lose weight even while we are resting?

According to the same research, conducted by University of Geneva, green tea holds the ability to make us burn calories even as we rest. Participants of the research recorded a nearly 3-4% increase in calorie burning even during complete rest.

Reduction of appetite too is an important part of weight reducing attempt and green tea provides an ideal solution in appetite loss. Consumption of green tea has been proven to curb the irregular hunger pangs and binge eating, making green tea the ultimate partner in weight reduction.

All this is great news to Ceylon green tea manufacturers, suppliers and exporters who are eager to enlarge their share in the global green tea market as the health-conscious people take more and more to Ceylon green tea.