Reclaimed Rubber – towards a sustainable future


Reclaimed Rubber – towards a sustainable future

Where do good dead tires go? They go to play grounds as play ground tiles.

Reclaiming and reusing of old and used tyres is an essential part of rubber production to ensure a sustainable use of a man made product.

For many years scrap and old tyres were burnt and used as a land filing material but the greater toil it has on environment compelled global rubber tyre manufacturers look for other avenues to recycle and reuse the mounting heaps of scraped tyres.

Today, most of the world's scrapped tyre are reclaimed through an industrial de-polymerisation process and are converted into various products including play ground tiles, interlocking outdoor floor tiles, ground pavers, equine pavers, nylon puff and pellets, sports surfacing and raw reclaim rubber.

Used as a raw ingredient or processing aid in a specific production processes, reclaimed rubber is used from a mere 5% up to 90% in the production process of various products.

Consisting of superior strength and a greater endurance to extreme pressures and temperatures, reclaimed rubber products are an ideal use for scrapped rubber, factory waste of whole tyres, tread peelings, natural rubber tubes, butyl tubes and coloured waste rubber.

Used as a cost effective alternative to natural and synthetic rubber, the process of reclaiming natural or synthetic rubber also produce nylon cords, fluffs and pelts as by products.

Used in a wide variety of products including in raw nylon chords, ropes, industrial mattresses, caster wheels, chair arms, chair base and savage pipes; Sri Lankan nylon items are absorbed by local industrialists as well as a diverse range of rubber product manufacturers all over the globe.

Most of the Sri Lankan reclaimed rubber ingredients are used in various value added products like rubber tiles, farm yard tiles, sports surfacing, pavers and flooring while some are exported to a number of Asian and West Asian buyer, who utilise reclaimed rubber as a supportive ingredient in the manufacturing process of tyres, rubber mats, dock fenders, semi-pneumatic tyres, battery containers, footwear and conveyor belts among others.

The production of reclaimed rubber in Sri Lanka is done under strict environmental guidelines to assure a clean production process. With the help of a locally developed unique incinerator, Sri Lankan reclaimed rubber manufacturers have succeed in reducing catalyst fumes to a minimum level in factory emission.

The quality of value added reclaimed rubber products like play tiles are ensured through a strict quality management process, that confirms with the European standards, making sure that all the rubber products that leave Sri Lankan shores confirms to the best of quality levels.