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Register as an Exporter at EDB

The EDB has been operating the Scheme of Registration of Exporters since 1985, in terms of Section 29 (2) (d) of the Export Development Act No. 40 of 1979 and regulation set out in the Gazette Notification dated 27th June 1985 No. 355/14. The EDB registration operates as a voluntary scheme used only for the Institutional Development Programmes.

Instructions for registration

Duly filled application form should be submitted along with the following supporting documents listed below, under each category with originals and photocopies.

  • Individual Business (Sole Proprietorship)
    • Individual Business Registration Certificate (BRC) containing the word `Export` in Column No. 02 (General nature of Business)
    • A Photo Copy of the National Identity Card of the Proprietor
  • Partnership Company
    • Partnership Registration Certificate containing the word `Export` In Column No. 02.
    • A photocopy of the National Identity Card of a partner who had signed the application
  • Limited Liability Company (Private/Public) (Under the Company Act – 2007)
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Registration of a Company – Form 01/Form 40 (Certified by the Dept. of Registrar of Companies).
    • Application should be signed by the Managing Director or any Director of the Company along with the company rubber seal on the Column No. 12.
    • A Photo Copy of the National Identity Card of the Managing Director/Director who had signed the application
    • A request letter addressed to Director / Trade Facilitation & Trade Information of the EDB by Managing Director / Director of the Company confirming exports.

A temporary Registration Number may be issued to enterprises who express their willingness to export if the required documents are in order. However to obtain the status of your registration as an “Exporter”, you are required to produce documentary evidence in respect of your exports such as CUSDEC Form, Bill of Lading/Airway Bill & Commercial Invoice, VAT & TIN certificates etc. within a period of one year, to be eligible for free listing in the Exporters Directory.

Download Application & Procedure Form

On acceptance of the application for registration each exporter will be allocated a unique registration number by the Board.

The registration number issued under these regulations shall not be transferable

  • The exporters registered under this scheme are required to furnish information to the Sri Lanka Export Development Board on an annual basis quoting the registration number for the purpose of renewal of registration
  • Only changes or additions are required to be indicated
  • If there are no changes, the form shall be set indicating that there are no changes
  • The registration should be renewed before 31st January, every year.

Register for the Directory of Sri Lankan Exporters

The Trade Facilitation & Trade Information Division implements and monitors this registration scheme. The objective of the scheme is to maintain an up-to-date data bank which assists in the formulation of national export policies and serve as a guide for foreign buyers to reach local suppliers.
The exporters should fill the specific form to register for the Directory of Sri Lankan Exporters and forward to the Trade Facilitation and Trade Information Division. Annual update of information could be done using the same form.

Download Application - Directory of Sri Lankan Exporters

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Register for online Trade Statistics

The EDB provides online Sri Lankan trade statistics for the registered customers for an Annual subscription fee of Rs. 2500/=.

Download Application - online Trade Statistics

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