Research and Development

Research and development on electrical and electronics

The Research and Development (R&D) sector in Sri Lankan electrical and electronics industry has produced many innovations which have led to the successful manufacturing of products and cost effective supplementary equipment that have facilitated to the progress of current production processes.

There are several universities  in Sri Lanka producing graduates in the fields of electronics, engineering and computer studies. In addition, there are Engineers and Managers trained and having experience in foreign universities also contributing positively to the expansion of this industry.

The strategic planning and right managerial decisions have immensely contributed towards the growth of the industry as well. The Research and Development sector is strengthened by the state-of-the-art testing equipment and designing equipments which lead to the rapid development in the electronics industry in the South Asian region.

The vision of the electronics industry is to move forward towards the assembly of electronic products and focus on knowledge-based electronics related to embedded software.

Major initiatives are being geared towards a rapid revolution within the sector supported by global R & D partners with the focus on developing medical services equipment including IVF workstations aimed at capturing a significant share in the global market for such products. Energy Saving Lamps and TV transmission related products are also being increasingly produced for global markets in Japan, Europe, North America and India.