Why Sri Lankan Electrical & Electronic Products?

Why sri lankan electrical and electronic products

The Electrical and Electronics Industry in Sri Lanka has grown over the past 40 years into a key industrial manufacturing sector contributing towards the country’s economic growth. The Industry contributed US $318 million to the Sri Lanka exports in 2016 and absorbs over 40,000 skilled workers in its multi- faceted activities. The workforce is drawn from a pool of skilled young men and women with basic academic and technical knowledge.

  • The Sri Lankan exporters in Electronics/Electrical Industry are all ISO certified
  • Committed towards protecting the environment, observe ROHS and WEEE regulations
  • Skilled middle tier technology workforce and intelligent and trainable labor in conformity with the ILO requirements
  • Cost Advantage due to cheap labor and low cost of production compared to developed countries.
  • Location Advantage being the center of the Indian Ocean, astride the main east-west sea route and at the gateway to South Asia
  • British commercial law System with English as the business language
  • European & Japanese Technology descent with matured investments,
  • Adherence to all international Standards with cutting edge technology,
  • Extensive availability of high quality minerals such as kaolin, feldspar, silica sand, quartz and ilmenite, which could be used as a base material for electronic products
  • Sri Lankan exporters receive preferential market access under GSP Plus scheme, and several bilateral and other agreements, including the Indo-Lanka Free Trade Agreement and Pakistan-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.
  • Government Provisions like tax incentives, tax holidays, Export Processing Zones (EPZ) etc.
Sri Lankan Electrical and Electronic Products