Every day thousands of people in over thirty two countries enjoy the flavours of the tea we produce. Over 100 years ago, the company that was eventually to become Anverally & sons (Pvt.) Ltd., was founded by a man with a vision. This man was my great great grandfather Mr. Anverally. His vision was to establish the island of Sri Lanka as a major exporter of some of the finest pure teas to the rest of the world. A century later, his vision has been made a reality by his successors. Today Anverally and Sons (Pvt.) Ltd., is still very much a family concern and exports some of the finest teas in the world to 32 countries in Europe, Asia, CIS States, and the Middle East. With close connections to a number of plantation companies and tea estates around the island, Anverally & Sons have some of the most experienced tea tasters, vital for the important process of blending that makes Ceylon Tea so famous around the world today. We do provide private labels and bulk tea to buyers, we have always matched the right quality which our customers required. We do the packaging, graphic design for your requirement. We have been supplying Ceylon Tea for buyers since 1890.

Products / Services Range

25 Tea Bags Range :- Pure Black Tea,Pure Green Tea,Herbal Tea,Flavored Black Tea,Flavored Green Tea; Metallic Tin Range :- Single Estate Teas,Pure Black Tea,Organic Tea,Pure Green Tea,Flavored Black Tea,Flavoured Green Tea,Herbal Tea ; Canister Range :-PEKOE,OPA Big Leaf,Romance,Tropical Fruits,Soursop,Soursop Green Tea