Cenmetrix Systems is a subsidiary of Cenango (pvt) Ltd, www.Cenango.lk. Cenango was establish in Florida, USA in 2001, and in 2003-04 opened an office in Sri Lanka. Cenmetrix Systems was operating under the name of Cenango (pvt) Ltd and the end of 2005, Cenmetrix Systems was formed as a subsidiary of Cenango. Cenmetrix systems is sri lanka's first total biometric solutions company and a leader in cutting edge technology. Operating in Miami , USA & Colombo , Sri Lanka , our technology is being implemented around the world from the United States across to Australia.

Products / Services Range

Focused on integrated biometric technology, security access control applications, identity management, AFIS (Automated Fingerprint ID System), Car Park Management systems, RFID/ UHF based solutions, vehicle gate barriers, automated turnstiles, customized mission critical software applications and Human Resources Management (HRM) Software