Linea Aqua is a joint venture between Speedo International (UK), Brandot International (US) & MAS Holdings. With a vision to be the most compelling swimwear supplier in the world, Linea Aqua has grown into the force behind some of the best names in the swimwear business. A strong technical partner, we are able to deliver a quality product, manufacturing garments from superior performance to high-end fashion & anything in-between. Having supplied Speedo’s Olympic FastSkin suit, in the past, we have the in-house expertise to develop & manage highly technical swimwear garments. The latest bonding & sewing machinery enables us to produce garments with specialised seams for both comfort & drag-reduction, utilising technically advanced fabrics which have superior performance, as well as being more hydrodynamic & longer lasting. Swimwear that is simple and practical for daily use, modest yet smart designs that can be worn anywhere, confidence inducing garments where the fabric, moulded cups & designs are artfully combined with control panels to secretly slenderize the body. Our ability to source sophisticated fabrics that are light-weight but high-performance, combined with our skilful execution of heavy embellishments allows us the freedom to manufacture a product range that follows the latest trends in silhouettes & colour. Garments in this range have special emphasis on sun protection, have quick dry finishes & include extras that range from diaper covers to rash guards. Ample use of embellishments such as appliqué, embroidery & printing-embroidery combos ensure that the product range is fashionable & fun.

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Anil Weerasekara (Assistant Commercial Manager)