Why Sri Lankan Apparel?

Why sri lankan apparel
  • Sri Lanka is well geared to meet global market demand for fast, high quality ethical fashion products.
  • Three decades of experience.
  • Environmental friendly factories – world’s first LEED certified Platinum rated production facility.
  • Ethical practices–known to the world as a producer of “Garments without Guilt” under the principles of Ethical working conditions, free of child labour, free of forced labour, free of discrimination on any grounds, free of sweatshop practices.
  • International reputation as a reliable and a quality manufacturer with a highly competent, skilled and literate workforce.
  • Large number of companies that are regional players and have the capacity to provide competitive regional advantage by harnessing regional strengths in the supply chain.
  • Focus to improve speed on delivery using strategic location advantage, coupled with the conducive business friendly environment within the country.
  • Innovation focused factories which offers superior product development and design resources.
  • Investment friendly government policies and strategic shipping advantage.
Sri Lankan Apparel Products