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  • Social Compliance and Ethical Practices

    Sustainability and ethical practices in Sri Lankan apparel wear

    Ethical brands and Sri Lankan apparel go hand in hand and this focus on sustainability has proved a worthy investment in the future of the industry. Today, Sri Lanka is geared to meet global market demand for fast, high quality, ethical fashion products. The opportunity is perceptible to those concerned with product quality and business partner values; Sri Lanka, a sustainable apparel export nation, is a buyer's premier choice.

    • Continued collective effort to reduce the carbon footprint of suppliers and manufacturers.
    • In definition,Sri Lankan Apparel Industry’s sustainability incorporates its entire production, human resources and supply chain process.
    • Showcases the best of technology including the world’s first eco-friendly “Green Garment Factory” that cut energy in half and water consumption by 70%. These factories have found business sustainability through the practice of lean manufacturing, with lowered overheads and faster return on investment.
    • LEED Platinum and Gold Certified entities practice international standards of recycling, effluent treatment and waste management practices.
    • Positioned as a socially responsible and preferred destination for apparel sourcing, Sri Lanka stands out as a reliable source that pays fair wages to its workers and child labour or forced labour is not at all used in its businesses.