Flavored Ceylon Tea – Combined Goodness of Both the Worlds


Flavored Ceylon Tea – Combined Goodness of Both the Worlds

Created by adding natural flavors of flowers, herbs, and fruits to black, green or oolong teas, flavored Ceylon Tea maintains the natural flavor of Pure Ceylon Tea with a subtle hint of fruity or herbal flavor to enhance your tea drinking experience. 

While there can be limitless combinations for flavored Ceylon Teas, some tea varieties tend to be more popular and celebrated than the rest. 

Of all the flavored tea varieties produced around the world, Earl Grey is the most popular flavored tea in Europe. Prepared by adding extracts of bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus produced in Calabria, Italy to Black Tea, the tea Earl Grey Tea is a full bodied aromatic tea with hints of citrus and floral fragrance. 

Although created originally in the 19th Century in England to mask the flavor of cheap tea and to pass it off as an expensive tea, Earl Grey tea from Sri Lanka is produced by combining rich and full bodied Ceylon Single Origin Tea with Bergamot Oil. 

Another widely celebrated flavored tea is the Jasmine Tea. The most popular scented tea in China, jasmine tea is usually made with green tea or white oolong tea by storing the tea leaves with jasmine flowers for several days under controlled humidity. The combination of green tea leaves with blossoming jasmine flowers creates a tea filled with special fragrance and a touch of sweetness. 

Originated in the Indian subcontinent, Masala Chai is a mixed spice tea, made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs from India. The spice mixture called Karha uses a base of ground ginger and cardamom pods and other spices are added to this mixture depending on the region. Ceylon Spice Chai combines Ceylon Tea with much celebrated Sri Lankan Spices including cinnamon, ginger, clove and pepper. 

In addition to the ancient and celebrated flavored teas, the rest of the flavored teas are limited only by the imagination of the tea blenders. Some of the latest additions to the Flavored Ceylon Tea scene include; 

  • Raspberry flavored tea – Made by infusing Ceylon BOPF tea with Raspberry flavor containing a characteristic sweet and sour taste. 
  • Lemon flavored tea – A combination of Ceylon BOPF with the zesty flavor of lemon in creating a mildly sour yet reviving tea. 
  • Ginger flavored tea - -A combination zest Ceylon ginger with Ceylon green Tea or black tea that brings out the lightly piquant warmth of ginger and the herbal notes of green or black tea. 
  • Strawberry flavored tea – Ceylon black tea flavored with the ripe strawberry flavor creates a fragrant and sweetly delicious tea. 
  • Mint flavored tea – A mixture of Ceylon Black Tea with natural peppermint leaves creating an amber colored connotation with a refreshing flavor. 
  • Vanilla flavored tea – A combination of Ceylon Pekoe Tea with aromatic vanilla carries a honey like sweetness and a subtle aroma.  
  • Cinnamon tea – The combination of two flavors unique to Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea with Ceylon Cinnamon makes a refreshingly zesty tea with a rejuvenating aroma.