ICT/BPO Market Trends

Mobile Applications: EU trends and segments

The demand for mobile applications is increasing as a result of a booming mobile devices market. There is especially a growing demand for location-based applications, live video chat/conference applications, mobile banking/payment applications, mobile commerce applications, security applications and tactile applications.

This offers interesting opportunities for DC mobile application related service providers that are able to develop such applications. Indian mobile application providers are expanding their market share in the EU. However, they are becoming more expensive which makes them less competitive for mobile application related service providers from other Developing countries like Sri Lanka.

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Digitization Services - UK market

The digitization sector in the UK has developed rapidly in recent years. The sector now belongs to the largest in Europe, mainly driven by government funding and projects. A wealth of material in museums, libraries and archives still remains undigitized, offering further opportunity. Moreover, off-shoring has become a common process in the UK. The close cultural ties with India have resulted in a large off-shoring market. No doubt, it offers a great opportunity for Sri Lankan Digitization service providers.

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Outsourced Accounting Services – Promising EU Markets

There is a clear north-south dividing line across Europe. Countries in the North (The Netherlands, the UK, and the Scandinavian countries) are more open to off-shoring, whereas countries in the South (Belgium, France, Italy and Spain) tend to opt for onshore outsourcing due to language barriers and cultural differences.

Also, history shows that Northern European countries are more open to doing business with foreign companies than Southern European countries. Countries such as the UK, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian region have developed strong economies with internationally-oriented companies. This has resulted in good English language skills and a more open attitude towards working with foreign companies.

According to industry experts, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France are the largest markets in terms of accounting services outsourcing and, therefore, offer interesting opportunities for DC accounting service providers.

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