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    Bodywear – EU Market Trends

    The Bodywear market is very fragmented but there are still opportunities for Developing Country exporters in e.g. home and lounge wear, shape wear, bigger sizes for the whole Bodywear sector and Bodywear made of ecological materials. The issue of Fair Trade and ethical consumerism is gathering momentum. starting in the food sector, the quest for ‘pureness’ is expanding. Various options for consideration therefore by Sri Lankan suppliers seeking to tap or expand onto this market.

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    Sportswear – Promising EU markets

    The € 20 billion EU sports clothing market represents almost 10% of all clothing sales and is driven by the importance of fashion as well as interest in sports. Leading products include tops and jackets made of smart fabrics. Improvements in material technology are helping to drive forward the performance sports clothing segment, as athletes seek out the latest innovations that might improve their performance. The most interesting markets within for sportswear Europe include Germany, France and Sweden.

    Within the market as a whole, the sports fashion segment has struggled, partly due to competitive price pressures, while products purchased for sporting use have performed relatively well. This is explained by growing interest in sport, and the greater importance of performance rather than price for these products. Sports fashion products are expected to grow more strongly in 2012 as the Olympic Games will provide a stimulus to sales. This could offer opportunities for expansion of exports to Europe for Sri Lankan suppliers.

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