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    Coconut: The Tree of Fortune


  • Coconut Products Market Trends

    Exporting Coconut to Europe

    Coconuts are a very versatile product. Just like many coconut products, fresh coconuts are in an upward trend. There is an increasing popularity of young, drinkable coconuts and mature coconut flesh is made available as an affordable and easy-to-consume product. Your future in supplying the European market lies in your ability to compete on price, innovation and a sustainable supply.

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    The European market potential for fresh coconut

    The European market for coconuts is gradually growing. Health, convenience and innovation contribute to a larger consumption of fresh mature and young coconuts. Opportunities are diverse, both in the type of fresh coconut as well as in mature markets such as the United Kingdom and Italy and growth markets such as France and Spain.

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    Exporting desiccated coconuts to Europe

    The European Union is the world’s largest importer of desiccated coconuts, accounting for more than 30% of the global imports. Desiccated coconut is a traditional baking ingredient in many European countries which has been gaining more attention recently thanks to growing consumer interest in Asian cooking. Europe’s imports of desiccated coconuts have been growing, the leading importing countries being the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

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    Exporting coconut water to Europe

    The consumption of coconut water in Europe is still relatively small compared to Asia and South America, which account for more than 90% of the world consumption. However, the European market is growing at an increasingly fast rate. The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France and Germany offer the best opportunities for exporters from developing countries.

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    The European market potential for coconut sugar

    There is an increasing demand for coconut sugar on the European food market. The nutritional benefits that coconut sugar offers are stimulating demand. Since it is considered a healthier alternative to sugar, European food and beverage companies are using it in their product formulations.

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    Exporting virgin coconut oil to Europe

    The European market for virgin coconut oil has grown significantly over the last years. This is mainly because of growing consumer attention to healthier diets. Initially, virgin coconut oil was only available at health shops. Virgin coconut oil has now become popular in mainstream supermarkets and its industrial applications are growing.

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    Exporting coconut oil to the Netherlands

    The Netherlands is an important end market and an important exporter of coconut oil in Europe. The country is responsible for more than half of total coconut oil imports into Europe. This makes it a major entry point for exporters in developing countries. Prices of coconut oil have increased due to availability of coconuts for oil production. This has an impact on the use of the oil in the food industry.

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