Trade Information

The EDB's trade information service is designed to meet the information requirements of those engaged in activities related to international trade. To do this we

  • Access the most up-to-date information sources using tools of Information Technology
  • Add value to information, repackaging it to help users to interpret the data

Our service focus on development of a need based integrated computerized information system covering all aspects of business information.

Timely dissemination of information

Business Library

In the EDB Business Library you can find essential information to help you start, run and grow your business.

The Business Library possesses a rich collection of annuals (trade directories & Year Books), product and market surveys, research studies, newsletters etc. covering a wide range of subjects related to international trade. It also offers a comprehensive collection of reference tools both in bibliographic and electronic form for specific topics such as tariffs, statistics, prices, company information etc. Publications and Market Reports published by the ITC, CBI, JETRO, OECD, COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT, IMF, WORLD BANK etc are also available.

The library operates during official working hours and visitors are provided with advice & assistance on the use of library resources and facilities available for the business community.

eMarket Intelligence the official website of the EDB is designed with the key objective of promoting Sri Lankan products & services in the global market.

The website caters to the specific needs of its diverse client segments such as overseas buyers (Buyer’s Portal), exporters (Exporters Portal), and corporate users (Corporate Portal) associated with the export business.

Overseas buyers could exploit as a one stop shop to obtain information on all Sri Lankan export products & Services.

Sri Lankan exporters have been given access for valuable market intelligence such as Market profiles & briefs, Market Access guidelines, Trend reports, Buyer profiles, News, Blog Posts etc. through the Web Portal ( to discover the finest opportunities in the world market and also to maintain competitiveness within highly volatile business environment.


Business Lanka Magazine

The Business Lanka Magazine, published quarterly by the EDB, Contains Trade, Economy, Investment and Product related articles. The magazine is circulated among all Sri Lankan Diplomatic Representations, Trade Chambers and Trade Promotion Organizations in Sri Lanka and Abroad. This magazine could be used as an effective advertising tool for Sri Lankan Exporters/ Manufacturers to promote their products in International Markets.

Contact :

Mr. Upul Galappaththi,
Management Assistant
Tel. No : +94-11-2300705/11 Ext. 320
E-Mail- [email protected]

Expo News

The monthly e-newsletter “Expo News” provides Sri Lankan Exporters with current information on Product/ Market Trends, International Prices, Trade Opportunities, Promotional International Trade Exhibitions/ Seminars/ Festivals & Fairs (Overseas and Local) and EDB Calendar of Trade Events. The application can be downloaded from the following link and completed application to be submitted to this e-mail: [email protected]

Contact :

Mr. Chandima Wanniarachchi,
Management Assistant
Tel. No : +94-11-2300705-11 Ext : 317
E-Mail- [email protected]

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Model Project Reports (MPR) & Feasibility Reports (FR)

If you are an Entrepreneur or Potential Exporter with passion and Determination to Succeed and Achieve Prosperity, join with EDB to Achieve Visible Economic Success

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Printed publications

A range of publications providing information on Sri Lankan Export Products & Services, export procedure etc. are available for sales in the EDB Library.

Contact :

Ms. Helmalie Vitharana,
Assistant Director
Tel. No: +94-11-230-0705/11 Ext. 316
E-Mail- [email protected]

Seminars and Workshops

Product and Market related seminars and workshops are organized in collaboration with local and foreign experts   for knowledge transferring and dissemination of latest market intelligence.

Access to online International Information Services

To provide updated market intelligence for the Sri Lankan exporters, electronic links to global information sources such as ITC - Trade map, Market access map, Investment map, Trade Competitive map, Standards map, Market News Service (MNS) have been established.

International Buyer searches

EDB provides international buyers information searched through reputed global data bases.

A personalized service for you to obtain key business information.

Trade opportunities, buyers and buying inquiries, International prices for selected commodities, standards and regulations, statistics, trade events in various target markets will be provided through structured searches conducted by our staff.

Fee for 10 Buyers List Rs.150/=

Download Application for Buyer Searches

Trade Statistics Service

Off-line trade statistics service to get latest trade data from Department of Customs and be informed about the markets trends.

Trade Statistics off line - Processing fee of Rs.50/= + Rs. 10/= per page

Download Application for Trade Statistics - off line
Contact :

Mr. Chalana Amarasinghe,
Deputy Director
Tel. No : +94-11-2302072
E-Mail- [email protected]