NES Implementing Agencies

  1. Ministry of International Trade and Investment Promotion
  2. Export Development Board
  3. Board of Investment (BOI)
  4. Ministry of Finance
  5. Department of Fiscal Policy
  6. Department of Trade & Investment Policy
  7. Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  8. Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  9. Department of Commerce
  10. Consumer Affairs Authority
  11. Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department (MUSSD)
  12. Ministry of Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine
  13. Department of Ayurveda
  14. Ministry of Primary Industries
  15. Department of Export Agriculture
  16. Ministry of Science, Technology and Research
  17. Industrial Technology Institute (ITI)
  18. Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI)
  19. Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB)
  20. Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure
  21. Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA)
  22. Ministry of Higher Education & Highways
  23. University of Moratuwa
  24. Ministry of Ports and Shipping
  25. Sri Lanka Ports Authority
  26. Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training
  27. Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka
  28. Ministry of Education
  29. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  30. Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development
  31. Ministry of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms
  32. Department of Census and Statistics
  33. Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation
  34. Department of Agriculture
  35. Department of Labour
  36. Department of Immigration and Emigration
  37. Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA)
  38. Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute (BTI)
  39. National Intellectual Property Office
  40. Policy Department Office of the Prime Minister's Office
  41. Private Healthcare Services Regulatory Council (PHSRC)
  43. Spice Council / Ceylon Cinnamon Association
  44. Sri Lanka Electronics Manufacturers and Exporters Association
  45. Sri Lanka Food Processors Association
  46. Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management (SLITHM)
  47. Sri Lanka Shipper's Council
  48. The Spices & Allied Products Producers’ and Traders’ Association (SAPTA)
  49. Land Use Policy Planning Department
  50. Government Analysts Department