NES Strategic Vision

NES Strategic Vision

“Sri Lanka – An Export Hub driven by Innovation and Investment”

Strategic objectives :

  • To have a business-enabling, predictable and transparent policy and regulatory framework that supports exports.
  • To drive export diversification through innovation and the strengthening of emerging export sectors.
  • To strengthen Sri Lankan exporters’ market-entry and compliance capacities.
  • To become an efficient trade and logistics hub to facilitate exports.

Focus Sectors :

  • Information Technology & Business Process Management (IT/BPM)
  • Wellness Tourism
  • Spices & Concentrates
  • Boating Industry
  • Processed Food & Beverages
  • Electrical and Electronic Components
  • Processed Food & Beverages

Trade Support Functions

  • Trade Information and Promotion
  • National Quality Infrastructure
  • Innovation and R&D (This strategy was done by World Bank with Ministry of Development Strategies & International Trade (MoDSIT)
  • Logistics


  • 01st Consultation - 06th & 07th April 2017
  • 02nd Consultative meetings - 12th to 20th July 2017
    • To define roadmaps for expanding exports and analyse performance of value chains for the NES focus sectors, market orientations, challenges and opportunities.
  • Sector Consultations- 08th August - 12th September 2017
  • Regional Consultations in Kandy, Jaffna and Galle - 18th – 22nd September 2017
  • Budget Proposals submitted to the National Budget 2018 – Sep/Oct 2017
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