Export Advice

EDB under Export support program offers various advisory services to Sri Lankan exporters. These advisory interventions may range from 2 days to one year. An exporter is enrolled in such service after a stringent selection process. The selection process begins with a business clinic in which an exporter goes through a quick diagnostic test on its capabilities to export to markets in the developed world. The exporter is hand held by a team of domain experts from EDB as well as from experts from appropriate industry in some niche sectors. In some cases EDB also enrolls foreign experts to provide advisory services to SME and Exporter. These training programs are offered in the following areas:

Business Clinic


To run a quick diagnostic and identify the needs of SME and exporter in relation to export marketing and particularly to assess his capabilities to

  • Develop export promotional collaterals
  • Conduct in house International market Research
  • Trade fair participation
  • Building a long term export marketing plan
  • Invest in building capacity to export to markets in developed world

New Product Development in craft sector


This is a unique hand holding program aimed for the development of craft sector from Sri Lanka to be able to match the requirements of the foreign markets. This advisory is conducted with the help of foreign experts from the international markets and the intervention does the following to the SME and artisans in craft sector.

  • Assist them to develop a unique Sri Lankan collection.
  • Does capacity building of these SMEs and artisans to understand market requirements.
  • Support and strengthen the traditional artisans to be developed as export ready SMEs to cater to the niche export market.
  • Enhance the design & product development knowledge of traditional SMEs and artisans engaged in manufacturing of creative crafts (home décor).
  • To assist SMEs and artisans to upgrade their own work places in line with the appropriate technology advancement.

Product Market Match making


This advisory service is offered by organizing both inward and outward trade missions . The main objective of this service is to help SME and exporter to:

  • Improve number of orders from the target market
  • Get introduced to new buyers from the target country
  • Increase his export earnings by a certain pre-defined percentage
  • Understand market trend and voluntary buyers requirements
  • Increase value addition capabilities in export
  • Harness any good opportunity for learning

Product specific Trade Fair Participation


The main objective of this advisory service is to help an SME and exporter to become demand driven and develop products as per the requirements of the target market. This advisory intervention is implemented over a period of almost an year and EDB also provides partial financial assistance also to the selected SME and exporters to exhibit in world renowned trade fairs in the developed markets.This advisory is designed

To help SME understand:

  • About various kinds of trade fairs
  • About how to invite buyers
  • About how to develop promotional material
  • About how to develop an effective stall strategy
  • About aligning trade fair with his vision
  • About knowing what to do before, during and after the trade fair
  • About how to compute ROI on trade fair participation

To help SME Acquire:

  • New contacts
  • New orders
  • Entry into new market
  • Knowledge about product/package development
  • Knowledge about new technology
  • Attitude to deal foreign buyers with confidence