For Exporters

The mission of the EDB is to be the nation’s leading catalyst organization for the development and promotion of products and services for exports, to enhance global competitiveness, maximize export earnings and achieve national economic goals.

To accomplish this mission the EDB act as a Knowledge provider to the Exporter community by capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively disseminating the organizational knowledge.

The EDB acts as a promoter by implementing integrated product market development programmes for the Sri Lanka exporters to be competitive in their existing markets and also encouraging them to enter new markets.

The EDB act as a catalyst organization to promote Research and Development and also to introduce high tech and value added products to Sri Lankan export product basket.

In order to achieve above objectives following activities are being implemented,

  • Provide trade information and advisory services.
    • Profiles Information on Sri Lankan Export products/services.
    • Market Profiles and Briefs.
    • Market Access Guide Lines.
    • Buyer Profiles.
    • Export Statistics
    • Industry Capability Reports.
    • News Alerts.
    • Fiscal Incentives available for Sri Lankan Exports.
    • Exporter Directory.
  • Implement integrated product/market development programmes to expand/diversify exports.
    • Develop new capacities and enhance the competencies of the export community.
    • Encourage investment on export oriented R&D , introduction of high tech, development of value added products and product development/adaptation (designs, packaging, etc.).
    • Enhance competitiveness of value chain to obtain national/ international standards, Quality Certification, etc.
    • Develop export oriented SMEs and promote linkages between exporters and ‘farmer/producer’ clusters.
    • Recognize and reward exporters for their outstanding contribution to the national economy.
    • Implement budget proposals relating to the promotion of exports.
  • Export oriented surveys and research.
    • Conduct product/market specific research/studies.
    • Disseminate findings among the business community.
    • Network with other related organizations.
  • Formulate marketing strategies to enhance Sri Lankan exports.
    • Organize appropriate market promotion activities such as participation in international trade fairs/exhibitions/single country exhibitions, inward buying missions, outward promotion missions, contact promotion programmes, road shows, establishment of display centres/windows, etc.
    • Implements integrated market communication programmes to raise awareness on Sri Lankan exports.
    • Implement programmes for national branding and assisting brand development programmes of exporters.
    • Implement assistance schemes to encourage the private sector to export.
    • Organize local trade exhibitions and other trade events in Sri Lanka (such as EXPO).
  • Direct and co-ordinate market development activities through the Sri Lankan trade representatives and other agents abroad to ensure greater market access for exports.
    • Provide inputs for international trade agreements.
    • Identify existing trade channels in markets and select appropriate methods for export promotion.
    • Implement programmes to motivate and obtain the services of overseas trade-related agencies and the Sri Lankan diaspora to promote Sri Lankan products and services.
    • Clear market entry barriers for Sri Lankan products.
  • Function as the focal point to deal with all export-related Issues.
    • Co-ordinate with all stake holders such as government ministries, departments, institutions and private sector export specific organizations/associations to facilitate export and resolve export related issues.
    • Network with all trade related international and local agencies.