2000 Exporters Development Programme

The Economic Statement made by the Hon. Prime Minister in Parliament on 27th October 2016 stated that the export base has remained the same for over 30 years.

In order to sustain a higher rate of growth resulting in higher exports following interventions were highlighted as the foundation.

  • The need to connect to the global  value chains
  • Encourage domestic  enterprises to invest in export industry
  • Creating newer market for Sri Lankan exports through FTAs
  • Creating new and productive jobs and livelihood for the young people by creating 1 million jobs by empowering the youth

In the above context, the government envisages to launch a national program in 2017 to establish 2000 exporters during the period 2017 to 2020.

Sri Lanka Export Development Board under the purview of my Ministry has been entrusted to implement this programme.

Accordingly the EDB has initiated following intervention towards implementing this programme.

Implementation Methodology

  • Formulation of a strategy
  • Preparation of an Action Plan
  • Setting up of a Steering Committee
  • Setting up of a Working Group
  • Selection of Entrepreneurs for development
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring & Evaluation

Steering Committee

  • Spearheaded by :          
    • Chairperson & Chief Executive /EDB
  • Chaired by:          
    • Director General / EDB
  • Representatives  From:
    • Ministry of Development Strategies & International Trade
    • Ministry of Industry & Commerce
    • Ministry of Primary Industries
    • Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
    • The Exporters Association of Sri Lanka
    • The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka
    • Sri Lanka Export Development Board

Working Group

a Working Group is being appointed with representatives from following Institutions:

Members - Public Sector

  • Industrial Development B
  • National Enterprise Development Authority
  • Coconut Development Authority
  • National Aquaculture Development Authority
  • National Gem and Jewellery Authority
  • Department of Export Agriculture

Members–Private Sector

  • Trade Chambers
  • Product Associations
  • Regional Chambers
  • Non-Government Organizations

Relevant EDB Staff

Enrolment of Entrepreneurs 

Applications to be collected from following sources:

  • District Chambers
  • EDB Provincial Offices / DOs
  • IDB
  • District Secretariats  
  • Regional Enterprise  Forums
  • Products Associations 
  • Steering Committee / Working Group
  • Awareness Seminar Participants 
  • EDB Organized Product / Market specific seminars / Workshops

Activities to be Carried out

  • Establishment of a Database
  • Grouping of Entrepreneurs Sector wise
  • Conducting One to One Interviews for Need Analysis  with representations by Relevant Stockholders )  
  • Sharing of Model Project Reports / Feasibility Studies available with the EDB
  • Facilitation for setting up infrastructure facilities Lands / Industrial estate etc.
  • Facilitation for technology transfer / Sourcing of Machinery /Training etc.
  • Facilitation for Bank Financing ( if Required)
  • Facilitation for Product  Development as identified through the Need Analysis
  • Facilitation for Market Development  as identified through the Need Analysis
  • Opportunities to  Participate at EDB Organized Trade Promotion Events
  • Opportunities to participate at B2B Meetings and Inward Buying Mission Programmes Organized by EDB / Chambers held locally
  • Follow up and Monitoring

Expected Outcome

  • New strategy for an incremental growth of exports;
  • Creation of a new segment of exporters;
  • Attracting local investment for export industries;
  • Increase export volumes of innovative & value added products;
  • 2000 non-exporter entrepreneurs to be transformed into exporters over a period of 3 years;
  • Creating new and productive jobs for the youth in line with the Government’s initiative to create 1 million jobs.

Scheme of Registration Exporters under “2000 New Exporters Programme”

2000 New Exporters Establishment Programme Application

2000 New Exporters Programme Application

2000 New Exporters Establishment Programme Application