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    With a historical timeline teemed with engineering marvels erected in almost every decade, Sri Lanka has a chronicled history of engineering. From ancient palaces built using engineering technology that remains a wonder even today, to reservoirs depicting techniques capable of rivalling even the most modern engineering devices, we proudly share our mastery in engineering with the world.

    Rising from such roots, the Sri Lankan engineering industry today stands confidently on the threshold of the future, armoured with a flair for innovation. Always in sync with the constantly changing world of engineering, the distinctness of the Sri Lankan engineering industry comes from the fact that we serve the needs of today, with industrial techniques and expertise borrowed from tomorrow.

    What are the Engineering Products Exported from Sri Lanka?

    As one of the most trusted exporters of engineering products in the world, Sri Lanka exports electrical, electronic and foundry products. Featuring myriad appliances and devices, light engineering products coming out of this island nation can be categorized into two main compartments as products for consumer use and products for industrial and agricultural use.

    Products for Consumer Use

    Sri Lanka produces many consumer products such as cutlery, oil lamps, garden equipment, cast iron and aluminium pots and pans, sewing machines, coconut scrapers and water pumps to be used domestically. The speciality of these products is that they are made with premium quality raw material; subjected to quality tests regularly, their durability and longevity are ensured, which is why Sri Lankan consumer products are highly popular among households from countries all around the world.

    Products for industrial and agricultural use

    Sri Lanka exports a multitude of industrial and agricultural engineering products such as tea and rubber processing machinery, rice milling, drying and cleaning units, industrial pumps, hinges, refrigerator parts, weighing scales and agricultural machinery.

    Designed and produced according to the best industry standards, it is guaranteed that they will get your job done! Nourished by a stable foundry industry and a strong electrical industry, Sri Lankan light engineering products seem to grow in number every day, in terms of both the number of product types and product units exported.

    How are they Produced?

    Here in Sri Lanka, we keep up with the latest developments in the engineering field and duly incorporate them into our production process. Our pillar of strength is our workforce that includes researchers and innovators who are some of the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable.

    They are joined by dedicated professionals working in our factories. Providing the Sri Lankan engineering industry with a strong R&D component, the major universities and research facilities in the country are constantly exploring new avenues, expanding horizons and paving the way to the highly advanced engineering industry in the country. Our production process uses cutting-edge technology and machinery to produce quality end-products. Our products are monitored and evaluated from the start to finish and there is no room for error in our factories. That is why the Sri Lankan engineering industry is soaring high, with products exported to even the farthest corners of the world.

    What does the Bigger Picture Look Like?

    The light engineering industry is identified as one of the most promising emerging export avenues in Sri Lanka, according to research conducted in the export field. Staying true to this, the light engineering industry did grow at a stunningly fast pace, catering to global markets and steadily growing its reputation.

    In 1990, Sri Lanka exported US$ 3,225,826 worth of electrical and electronic products to Germany. By 2000, it escalated up to US$ 18,042,488. In 2018, Switzerland was at the top of the market destinations, consuming US$ 71, 830, 408 worth of electrical and electronic products from Sri Lanka. In 2019, light engineering products exported from Sri Lanka amounted to US$306 million. This is a steep growth from US$ 213 million in 2017.

    The major markets that Sri Lanka caters to at the moment are India, China, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Maldives, Singapore, South Korea, the USA and France.     

    The Sri Lankan engineering industry is booming at present and there is ample potential for it to grow further. With engineering needs and the demand for related products skyrocketing worldwide, Sri Lanka will emerge as one of the largest exporters of engineering products. With exceptional human and material resources at her disposal, the day Sri Lanka becomes the world’s largest exporter of engineering products will arrive sooner than later.

Engineering Products

Sri Lankan engineering Industry provides a range of electrical and electronic, light engineering, automobile, aviation and marine engineering products of high quality, to the global markets

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