Ayurveda Lanka Hospital (Pvt) Ltd - Lotus Villa

Ayurveda Lanka Hospital (Pvt) Ltd - Lotus Villa

With a great deal of commitment, the effort of all our employees and by providing high quality treatment and individual care for our guests and patients, the Lotus-Villa has in the last eleven years become one of the top Ayurveda Centers in Sri Lanka.

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Ayurveda Lanka Hospital (Pvt) Ltd - Lotus Villa

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Company NameAyurveda Lanka Hospital (Pvt) Ltd - Lotus Villa


Products / Services RangePanchakarma, Doshas, Psychology, Philosopy

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Address 162/19 Wathuregama Ahungalla Sri Lanka

Telephone(94) 91-2264-082

Fax(94) 91-2264-083

Contact Information

Telephone (94) 91-2264-082

Email [email protected]


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