we are a Sri lanken based business providing certifed organic products for competitive prices. All our ORGANIC Cinnamon product are produced under the inspection of the Netherlands control union ,our ORGANIC exotic and aromatic Ceylon cinnamon is grown in organic forest gardens by our own Ceylon cinnamon plantation. our Ceylon cinnamon products come direcly from our own plantetion and are packed in our own facility in Sri lanka { Ceylon } , so it cannot be mixed with Saigon cinnamon or cassia from any other part of the world. also, the yellow Lion logo is your assurance of the purity of the Ceylon cinnamon. we offer competitive prices and we guarantee our quality , freshness, and genuineness of our products. cinnamon spice is obtained from the inner bark of trees and shrubs belonging to the cinnamomum genus. there are mainly three species of cinnamomum used as cinnamon spices in the market, and flavours very accordingly. cinnamom verum {cinnamomum zeylaninicum} is known as "true cinnamon" or Ceylon/ Sri Lanka cinnamon, and the other common variation are called cassia [cinnamomum cassia] and Saigon cinnamon { cinnamomum loureiroi } true / ceylon cinnamon is native to sri lanka, which produces 80-90 % of the world's supply. true / ceylon cinnamon products coming directly from sri lanka { ceylon} have this logo, and it is the symbol of purity of the ceylon cinnamon. it is very mild, smooth, and sweeter than cassia. saigon cinnamon and cassia are relatively cheaper in price than true cinnamon and contains the highest levals of coumarin, a potentioal liver toxin

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Products / Services RangeCinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, Areca Nuts, Betel Leaves, Coffee, Essential Oils

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Address Mount Desmand Cinnamon Estate, Kavichchi Kandha, Meda Galatura, Galatura, Ratnapura

Telephone(94) 717 927 257, (94) 721 582 020, (94) 770 844 283

Fax(94) 45 363 363

Contact Information

Telephone (94) 717 927 257, (94) 721 582 020, (94) 770 844 283

Email [email protected]


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