Ceyndulgent Ceylon Spices (Private) Limited

Ceyndulgent Ceylon Spices (Private) Limited

Ceyndulgent Ceylon Spices (Private) Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in August 2018. Main business focus is to export value added Ceylon Cinnamon products, spices and beverages. We source Cinnamon from known plantations in the Southern area and process with care at our processing facility at Meepe, Padukka. Shortening the value chain is one of the prime objectives of Ceyndulgent Ceylon Spices. In this way it ensures the plantation fresh products are reached to the the customer within a short period.offered by Ceyndulgent are of Sri Lankan single origin and certified for authenticity.

Ceyndulgent Ceylon Spices ensures all its material and services are sourced in a responsible and sustainable manner. Ceyndulgent Ceylon Spices conducts its own audits to ensure the workers involved in supplying material and services are treated fairly, environmental and social impacts are taken into consideration during sourcing process.

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Ceyndulgent Ceylon Spices (Private) Limited

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Company NameCeyndulgent Ceylon Spices (Private) Limited

Products / Services RangePremium quality Ceylon Cinnamon Beverage, Ceylon Black Pepper, Ceylon Cinnamon Quills sorted, cleaned and packed good for supermarkets.

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Address 80, Yehiya Road, Issadeen Town, Matara 81000 Sri Lanka

Telephone+94 412227500

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Maheel Mahadurage

Telephone 94412227500

Email [email protected]


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