King Suppliers & Co. Pvt Ltd

King Suppliers & Co. Pvt Ltd

We achieve our quality through a rigorous selection of farms and partner suppliers who share our vision of affordable quality, as well as our insistence on operating a short supply chain; a dedicated and ultra-efficient logistics system, and a brand new, state-of-the-art storage facility that underscores our commitment to fast, fresh delivery.

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King Suppliers & Co. Pvt Ltd

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Company NameKing Suppliers & Co. Pvt Ltd


Products / Services RangeFresh Fruit and Vegetables

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Address No: 104/8,A Salmal Uyana , Imbulgoda Gampaha , Gampaha

Telephone(94) 033 2264993 , (94) 0726268977

Fax(94) 033 2264993

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Contact Person Mr. H.P.B.Ranjith Managing Director

Telephone (94) 0726268977, (94) 0766498788

Email [email protected]

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