Mendis Cobain Consultants

Mendis Cobain Consultants

Project Management, Contract Administration, Structural Design, M&E Design, Hydraulic Modelling,  Concrete Technology, Quantity Surveying, Training, Outsourcing above services from overseas

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Mendis Cobain Consultants

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Company NameMendis Cobain Consultants

Products / Services RangeStructural Analysis and Design, Building Services, Roads and Highways, Infrastructure works, Cement manufacture, marketing and application, Hydraulic Modelling and Design, Project Management, Quantity surveying, Engineering and Science Education

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Address 39-1/1, Horton Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

Telephone(94) 11-5631231 (94) 11 7 630 770 (94) 777 720 555

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