Roots Breath was found in 1985. Head office based on Taiwan and factory was in Vietnam at that time, Coco Peat is not well known because of Peat Moss. We found out that coconut fiber and peat have very good Air fill porosity and water holding capacity. It is good for roots growing and breath. So, we name Roots Breath. We separated the coconut fiber and peat, load in P.P bag without any compressed. No one knew coco peat was good for potting mix. The peat moss was very hot product in the world at that time. Although it is not smoothly on promotion, we do not give up. We work with Sri Lanka local factory in the beginning. Then we set up Roots Breath Lanka to re-start our production. We focus on the development of coco peat application. Our research goal is to let our customers save the cost, time, harvest high quality product. Our R&D team work hard to develop different kinds of value add coco peat product. We hope Roots Breath can give best quality and service to our customers in the world.

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