Sasen Exporters is a Sri Lankan organization which is one of the major manufacturers and exporters of coir fibre products both globally and locally since 1990. The company has been registered in Export Development Board (No. 221637) in Sri Lanka as one of the main Coir Fiber Exporters & Suppliers in the Island. The process of manufacturing coir from the husks of the coconut, is equipped with high powered machinery for large scale production. Our range of products include: Industrial fibre (raw material in Bedding & Upholstery industry, filtering material in Drainage) Twisted coir (raw material used in Automobile industry) Coir Twine (coir twine for Hops industry, twine for Horticulture) Erosion control products (natural blanket, Geotextiles) Growing media (such as coco pith bricks, grow bags, grow blocks) Gardenware and Homeware products (such as brooms, floor mats, doormats, brushes)

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Products / Services RangeCoir Twine & Rope, Industrial Fibre, Garden ware & Homeware, Growing Media, Erosion Control

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Address Silvathenna Estate Marapola Develapola.

Telephone(94) 77-7796001 (94) 33-3136013

Fax(94) 33-3136013

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Contact Person Mr. A.J.Suravira Sole Proprietor

Telephone (94) 77-7796001

Fax (94) 11-3136013

Email [email protected]


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