In 1991, business named Hilton Traders was establish in Colombo to market tea for local wholesale and retail markets. With the business growth in the local market the Global tea market was the next goal.With the focus of offering High Quality Ceylon tea to Global market, Sharon Marketing was established in 2011. High quality Ceylon has been exported to clients who seeks quality of tea with the own brand name of Sharon marketing named Mideev Tea.In addition to Mideev Tea branded exporting, Sharon Marketing has completed number of exports worldwide with customized branding as per the client requirement.Within a short period of 5 years, Sharon Marketing has created number of Clients, who has experienced the high quality Ceylon tea, from countries such as Norway, China, and Malaysia.

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Products / Services RangeBlack Tea (100 Tea Bags of Pure Ceylon Black Tea, 2g each, 50 Tea Bags of Pure Ceylon Black Tea, 2g each, 300 Pot Tea Bags of Pure Ceylon Black Tea, 2.5g each)

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Address 820 / 5A, Kanthi Mw Hunipitiya, Wattala (Colombo).

Telephone(94) 11-2935889

Fax(94) 11-2935889

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Telephone (94) 77-7541816

Fax (94) 11-2935889

Email [email protected]


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