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    Organic Products eBrochure

    Organic Products eBrochures

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    Organic Sourcing Brochure 2021 (July)

    Organic Sourcing Brochure 2021 (July)

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    PRODUCT FACT SHEET- Fresh organic Ginger & Turmeric in Europe

    This product fact sheet focusses on the export of fresh ginger and curcuma to Europe. Fresh ginger and, to a lesser extent, fresh turmeric are consumed constantly in Europe, especially in the cold season for the use in beverages and in ethnic cuisine. Imports of these products have seen significant growth in recent years. New producers can enter the market by following trends and ensuring high quality fruits and organic certification to distinguish their product from competitors.

    Fresh organic Ginger & Turmeric in Europe

    PRODUCT FACT SHEET- Fresh organic Ginger & Turmeric in Europe

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    The National Organic Control Unit (NOCU) - Registration for Organic Product Sector

    The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) has initiated actions to establish the National Organic Control Unit (NOCU) as per the regulations published under the section 29 of the Export Development Act No. 40 of 1979 in the extraordinary gazette no. 1870/71 dated July 11, 2014. As per the regulations, all Organic Exporters, Importers, Traders, Producers, Processors, Certification bodies, Inspection bodies and Laboratories are hereby requested to register with the NOCU to ensure the credibility of Organic Agricultural Products traded within Sri Lanka and exported to the international market.

    Gazette - Organic Products Regulations

    Gazette - English

    Gazette - Organic Products Regulations English

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    Gazette - Sinhala

    Gazette - Organic Products Regulations Sinhala

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    Gazette - Tamil

    Gazette - Organic Products Regulations Tamil

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    Farmer Groups Assisted by The EDB + Giz For Organic Certification (ORGANIC EU/ USDA- NOP/ JAS)

    Details of The Farmer Groups Assisted by The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) and The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) For Organic Certification ( ORGANIC EU/ USDA- NOP/ JAS)

    Farmer Groups

    Details of The Farmer Groups Assisted by The EDB + GIZ For Organic Certification

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Organic Products

Organic agriculture is a sustainable form of agriculture, for both ecological and economic reasons. Sri Lanka has been at the forefront in organic agricultural exports ranging from spices, essential oils, and herbs to rubber. The industry is well equipped to supply the global market.

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