Market Report - China




Background of China

China is considered as the biggest emerging market in the world. It is also a member of the BRICS group. According to the World Bank, China’s net inflow of Foreign Direct Investments were over US $ 280 billions which was the highest FDI figure recorded for any country in the year 2011 and it was a 15% increase in comparison to year 2010.

China is the biggest trading partner of Sri Lanka in the Asian region. Major export products to China from Sri Lanka include raw mattress fibber, black tea, raw mixed fibber (twisted with coconut coir), Apparel, and Tobacco etc.

Population1.35 Billion (July 2013)

GDP per Capita (PPP)US $ 9,300 (2012)

Total Exports$1.971 trillion (2012 est.)

Total Import$1.653 trillion (2012 est.)

CurrencyChinese Yuan, also known as Renminbi