Market Report - New Zealand

New Zealand



Background of New Zealand

New Zealand is the 51st export destination to Sri Lanka. Total export value from Sri Lanka to New Zealand was US$ 220 Mn in 2016 and total imports from New Zealand to Sri Lanka for the same period were US$ 196 Mn whereas total export was US $ 24 Mn.

Sri Lanka’s main export products to New Zealand 2016 were tea, pneumatic tyres, vulcanized rubber, gloves etc. The main import products from New Zealand were milk, butter, apples, cheese, casein etc. in 2016.

Population4,792,120 (2017 estimate)

GDP per Capita (PPP)US$ 36,950 (2016 est)

Total ExportsUS $ 33,833 Mn

Total ImportUS $ 36,423 Mn.

CurrencyNew Zealand dollar